About RoboGate

RoboGate was founded in 2012 and has since then been helping financial companies and investment firms navigate the highly competitive landscape of the financial world by providing them with tools that give the much-needed edge over the competition.

The company designs, develops, and implements a variety of B2B FinTech software ranging from custom web-based trading terminals to bespoke CRMs and other platforms.

Why RoboGate?

10 + years of experience in the development of FinTech solutions
Focus on efficient communication with every client
Professional and hand-picked team of developers
Proficiency in the development and maintenance of high-load systems

RoboGate is working under an IP Box Regime

What is an IP Box Regime?

An IP Box Regime (Intellectual Property box, patent box, or innovation box) is a corporate tax regime used by many countries to incentivise research and development activities by taxing revenues deriving from licences, royalties, patents, sale or transfer of qualified IP assets differently, thereby offering lower taxes compared to other commercial revenues.

Intellectual Property (IP) is a commonly used term that includes mind creation results. These could be software programs, innovative algorithms and formulas, inventions, trade secrets and know-how, manufacturing practices, marketing concepts, artistic works, designs, images, names, and inventions used in commerce. It is one of the most valued assets a company can have.

The new IP Box Regime applies to patents, software programs with copyright, and other intangible assets that are useful and novel. The new regime is also compliant with the provisions of the revised “Nexus approach”.